Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Various And Sundry

The post's title is an idiom meaning "miscellaneous".  On the other hand, "sun-dry" might refer to what you might do to tomatoes.  (How soon before the hyphen disappears, or has it already?)  Some things I've run across today, current or otherwise:

As Venezuela continues to deteriorate, one way of leaving the place is no longer available.

Here's one endorsement that Donald Trump (hopefully) will not welcome.

Those Swedes just can't figure out why they've suddenly gotten a male surplus.  (H/T luchadora)

In Cincinnati, the great gorilla kerfluffle.

That gorilla was killed to save the life of a white kid, right?  Uh, no.

Insulting the Turkish president brings a suspended sentence.

Israel tries to revamp their terrorism laws.

An Israeli editorial says, "Let girls play."

ISIS uses Fallujah civilians just about how you'd expect them to.

Kurdish-led forces have some success against ISIS.

Russian airstrikes allegedly kill children in a hospital.

UN peacekeepers in Central African Republic have horribly abused children.

The latest Nork missile launch fails.

The Libertarian Party nominee's position on illegal immigrants looks no better than what I've seen from other politicians.

Glenn Beck gets suspended.

How a kidnapped Mexican soccer star freed himself.

Once again, migrants allegedly grope women in Germany.

You can now get your very own Micro Bit.

Here's one more reason to avoid smoking (or to quit).

A flesh-eating disease is ravaging people in the Middle East (not for the squeamish).

Due to the FDA, potato chips (or "potatoe chips", according to a certain former VP) might not taste the same.

To wrap it up, while fishing, a man makes a very unusual catch.

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