Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Stories From The GOP Campaign

Now that Ted Cruz has effectively withdrawn from this year's presidential campaign, Donald Trump becomes the presumptive GOP nominee.  Here are some related stories:

Writing in The Hill, Americans for Limited Government president Rick Manning (probably not this guytells Republicans to quit whining, because they've only got themselves to blame for Trump's emergence.

An editorial in the Boston Globe tells the #NeverTrump movement that it's now time to show that they're not bluffing.

From The Washington Post, former New Mexico governor and former Republican Gary Johnson, now running for the Libertarian Party nomination, asks #NeverTrumpers for their support.

From the New York Post, GOP chairman Reince Priebus kisses Trump's dupa.  Figuratively, I hope.

From Bizpac Review, John Kasich says "on to California!'

But on the other hand, according to CNBC, "sources" have indicated that Kasich will suspend his campaign later today.

And according to CNN, "two sources" say that Kasich will drop out.

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