Sunday, May 8, 2016

Links For Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers out there.  Here's what some of your progeny have been up to lately:

From Fox News, lawyers pour over Prince's estate.

From The Washington Free Beacon, Donald Trump (R-NY) thinks that when he negotiates with Democrats, taxes on the wealthy will go up.

From The Washington Times, while some rightwing groups might have problems with Donald Trump, gun owners do not.

From The Washington Post, in reversing a previous position, Trump would like to see an increase in the minimum wage, but thinks that it would best be done at the state level.

From the New York Post, Trump and Hillary Clinton (D-NY) are "the most despised candidates in history".

From Twitchy, supporters of Bernie Sanders (I-VT) don't like being told to "behave".

From The Jerusalem Post, a Syrian opposition group claims that Russia is establishing a military base in Palmyra, which they took from ISIS in March.  UPDATE:  In a related story from a few days ago in The New York Times, Russia sent an orchestra to Palmyra.

From Newsweek, ISIS bans the plus sign.  (Yes, they're that paranoid.)

From ARA News, ISIS throws a man off a building for alleged sodomy.

From YNetNews, a man who lost his wife in a terror attack speaks out after being snubbed by the U.N., and Martin Luther King III presents an award to Israeli activists working on behalf of Ethiopian Jews immigrating to Israel.

From the Daily Mail, a ICE officer in New York City dies after shooting himself.

Recode introduces its redesigned self.  (For one thing, they've gotten rid of the slash between "re" and "code".)

From Michelle Malkin's eponymous blog, Happy Mother's Day from two organizations that can prevent a woman from becoming a mother.

From The Columbus Dispatch, an imam from Somalia who allegedly lied on his naturalization application faces revocation of his American citizenship and deportation.

From Dawn, a Pakistani human rights activist is gunned down at a restaurant.

From Gatestone Institute, meet London's first Muslim mayor.

From SB Nation, some recently drafted NFL rookies can't fully train with their pro teams because their alma maters are still in session.

From the Chicago Sun-Times, some state legislatures seek limitations on cell-phone tracking technology.

And from TechCrunch, an app turns menu text into pictures.

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