Thursday, May 19, 2016

Scaled-Up Baby Strollers

This story sounds like it should have come out on April 1st.  For all the big babies out there, a stroller company has produced an adult-sized stroller.  From the Huffington Post:
Many parents have looked fondly at their kiddos, nestled and comfortable in their strollers, and wished they could trade places and be that cozy while en route to their destination. 
While adult-sized baby strollers won’t be hitting the market any time soon, the Kolcraft baby products company has created a giant version of its Contours Bliss stroller that is big enough for parents to try out.
So if you want to see life from your kid's perspective, or you just need a mobile safe space, you might just want to get yourself one.  But first, read the full story.

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