Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Wyoming Farmer Gets To Keep His Pond

A man in Wyoming, facing $16 million in fines for building a pond on his own land, has worked out a deal with the EPA under which he will not be fined, and can keep the pond.  From Fox News:
A Wyoming man threatened with $16 million in fines over the building of a stock pond reached a settlement with the Environment Protection Agency, allowing him to keep the pond without a federal permit or hefty fine.
Andy Johnson, of Fort Bridger, Wyoming obtained a state permit before building the stock pond in 2012 on his sprawling nine-acre farm for a small herd of livestock.
Not long after contruction [sic], the EPA threatened Johnson with civil and criminal penalties – including the threat of a $37,500-a-day fine -- claiming he needed the agency's permission before building the 40-by-300 foot pond, which is filled by a natural stream.
To learn the conditions of the settlement, read the full story.

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