Friday, May 13, 2016

Links For Friday The 13th

The dreaded date has rolled around again, but fortunately for the only time this year.  Besides black cats and Jason, here are some things to watch out for:

A pro-Trump super-PAC wants to raise $20 million before the GOP convention.

Trump (R-NY) himself says that whatever he says now is a "suggestion".

Trump says his tax returns are "none of your business".

Trump gets an endorsement from a fellow billionaire.

Trump's campaign considers blacklisting NeverTrump vendors.

The woman trying to primary Senator John McCain (R-AZ) hasn't always been staunchly pro-life.

Bill & Hill's foundation has given $2 million to a power company owned by wealthy blonde divorcée.

The Navy commander overseeing the boats which sailed into Iranian waters has been relieved of his duties.

An anti-counterfeiting group has admitted a member which allegedly markets counterfeit goods.

In the UAE, a maid is accused of using a special ingredient when preparing her employer's food.

In Pakistan, Muslims chase Christians from their homes.

Before being caught, one suspected ISIS terrorist liked to take selfies.

China plans to turn the city of Yinchuan into "World Muslim City".

How Islam indoctrinates women about sexuality.

No, keeping men out of women's bathrooms is not Jim Crow.

Two policemen have been shot in Manchester, New Hampshire (H/T to Sue from New Mexico)

On advice from the FBI, 71 aviation employees were "scrubbed" from TSA's no-fly list.  (H/T again to Sue)

The Russian Embassy in London catches flak for a Tweet about Syria.

A Belgian cabinet minister calls for a ban on the ritual slaughter of animals.

Here's a little southern style quid pro quo.

A publisher's Facebook page disappears after he criticizes the Turkish government.

A statue of Aphrodite is discovered in Jordan.

And finally, among those graduating from Virginia Tech today are a group of past and present football players.

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