Friday, May 27, 2016

Friday Links

As the Memorial Day weekend closes in, here are some things going on out there:

From Fortune, the superbug is here.

From Reuters, Britain tells the G7 to do more to fight superbugs.

From BBC News, schools in Northern Ireland face bomb threats and hoaxes.

From the Daily Mail, in Iran, 30 students are arrested and flogged for attending a mixed-gender graduation party.

From The Washington Free Beacon, Hillary Clinton's deceit over her emails is called "mind-boggling".

From National Review, Hillary Clinton's style of deception "is more insidious than Trump's".

From Townhall, the rules don't seem to apply to Hillary.

From Real Clear Politics, the small group of staffers who surround Hillary.

From the Daily Star, a Danish woman fighting in Syria calls ISIS fighters "very easy to kill".

From Breitbart London, a church in Germany holds an Islamic funeral for an ISIS fighter.

From FrontpageMag, what President Obama appears to have overlooked about Ho Chi Minh.

From WGN, in Hiroshima, Obama calls for a "world without nuclear weapons".  (There's been no reaction yet from the Iranian leadership.)

From UPI, more on Obama's visit to Hiroshima.

From the Prague Daily Monitor, according to a Czech think tank, 44% of European Muslims are "fundamentalist".

From the Express, migrants brawl in the "Calais Jungle".

From PressTV, Turkey's foreign minister calls American behavior "two-faced".

From Hurriyet Daily News, Turkey's foreign minister complains about Kurdish patches worn by American troops.  (via Business Insider)

From Wired, the smart watering system for your lawn.

From WUIS, the Hokule'a sails around the world, navigating by the stars.

From Medical Xpress, a "new model" of how T-cells are activated.

From The Times Of Israel, the politicians bicker, but not about Elton John.

From the Washington Examiner, 21 famous people buried in Arlington National Cemetery that you might not know about.

From Woman's World, the weird demands made by divas (not all of whom are female).

And from the New York Post, this little girl might be the world's youngest water-skier.

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