Thursday, May 4, 2017

Links For Star Wars Day

Now that I've been back for a few days, let's see if I can find a few stories to pass along.  Today has been called "Star Wars Day", as in "May the Fourth be with you".  With that, here are a few things in today's news:

The House narrowly passes the AHCA, which still faces the Senate.

One high school student took "May the Fourth" a bit too seriously.

I've heard of the dead voting, but now apparently they can also get a college degree.

On the other hand, one student gets her college degree before graduating high school.

"It's not my fault!", she cried.

How wrong were last year's election polls?

Visa overstays are rarely caught.

ISIS is making its own answer to Facebook.

Be careful about what you put on YouTube.

Feeling down?  Try this.

A former Virginia Tech football player gets an award as a coach.

And finally, I hope Mick and Keef let this show use their song with the same name.

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