Friday, May 5, 2017

A Bit More Of Amsterdam

After returning to Amsterdam, but before our ship sailed to its next port, I took a few pictures of the area where it was docked.  The Mövenpick Hotel and Muziekgebouw aan't IJ were just down the street.  Our ship wasn't too different in structure from the Scenic Jasper docked nearby.  The large ship in the distance was a Viking Cruise ship, but I don't know her specific name.

Amsterdam's main railroad station was also not too far away, but in the opposite direction from the buildings and ships shown in the first picture.

These buildings were across the IJ.  (For some reason, both letters of "IJ" are capitalized.)

This is the view across the street from the docks.  The railing in the foreground is on the top of a ship docked between us and the street.

I would like to add one thing to what I said a few posts ago regarding Schiphol Airport, my experience with which was not very good.  Planes that go on long international flights, such as those crossing the Atlantic, are often equipped with small video screens for the entertainment of the passengers.  One thing these screens can show is a map indicating the plane's location, along with information such as altitude.  After landing at Schiphol, which is below sea level, the altitude reading included a minus sign.  I had never seen that sort of thing before.

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