Thursday, May 4, 2017

Keukenhof, Part 1

Keukenhof is a privately owned park which includes numerous flower gardens, consisting mostly of tulips, located near the town of Lisse.  Just after entering, we came upon this area, in which various types of tulips grow to different heights, resulting in a multilayered formation called a "lasagna" planting.  You can see the overcast gray sky in the background.

This row of daffodils ran alongside a walkway, with hedges, trees, a wall, and more daffodils behind them.

Here are some reddish orange (or maybe orange-ish red) tulips, and a multicolored arrangement.

In this area, tulips of different colors and heights were arranged in parallel rows.

Of course, Keukenhof has its own windmill.  Visitors may walk up to the mid-level platform.  By this time, the clouds had partially dissipated.

Here's the view looking from the windmill platform back into the park.  The large wooden shoe could be rocked slightly from side to side, to the delight of younger visitors.

Looking the other way, we see the tulip fields outside the park.  The cable in the foreground is uppermost part of the perimeter of the platform.

I took enough pictures in this place to spread them out between two posts.  Flowers, after all, can be very photogenic.  To learn more about Keukenhof, go to their website, or to Tulips In Holland.

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