Monday, May 29, 2017

Links For Memorial Day

Today is Memorial Day and the 100th anniversary of the birth of President Kennedy.  Here are some things going on out there:

Memorial Day in a divided nation.

What is Kekistan?

In one writer's opinion, President Trump should say non to the Paris agreement.

A famous golfer gets arrested in Jupiter.  (Perhaps he should have turned left at the Great Red Spot.)

Arrogant illegal aliens set forth their demands.

Israel will soon have an earthquake early warning system.

Meanwhile, California gets a very mild quake.

In Kashmir, Ramadan celebrators defy curfew.

Islam was present in America at its Founding, but was not part of it.  (intermediate source)

The Portland stabbing suspect doesn't like Muslims, Christians or Jews.

I'll just recite the title: "Sharia down under".

A Jewish family on a British beach are pelted with stones.

A controversial Mosque in Switzerland will be closed down.

Egypt transfers the security chief of the area where terrorists killed 29 Christians.

And to finish, a tight end texts his quarterback.

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