Saturday, May 6, 2017


After visiting Giethoorn, we returned to our ship, which was docked in Kampen.  We then got to walk around some of Kampen's streets, where the King's Day celebration was still going on.  This is one of the city's gates.  I took a picture of this side because it was sunlit.  The other side faces the IJssel river and our ship.  (Again, for reasons of which I am ignorant, both the "I" and "J" are capitalized.)

This tower with a clock is called the New Tower (Nieuwe Toren in Dutch), but was built in the 1600's.  One thing about Europe is that something called "new" might have been built before the Americas were colonized by Europeans.

This drawbridge goes over the IJssel.  The inclined structures to the right remind me of ramps used by waterskiers, but I don't think that's their purpose.

This is the old synagogue, which is no longer in use.  Even so, the circular plaque commemorates the Jewish citizens of Kampen who were taken to the concentration camps.  Read more here.

That evening, our ship sailed from Kampen back to Amsterdam, but our trip would continue, not in Amsterdam, but farther south.

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