Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Links For The End Of May

As May draws to a close, here are some things in the news:

Move over, Kek, Kermit and Hoppity Hooper, Nature World News presents a new species of frog.

As The American Mirror points out, Griffin's stunt was too much even for Satan worshipers.

On the other hand, an opinion writer in the Washington Examiner defends Griffin's right to do what she did.

It's very hard to get to what the New York Post calls "Mexico's most Instagrammed beach".

From the Daily Record, a Muslim convert flees Scotland while wondering why Muslims should care about Manchester.

As pointed out in FrontpageMag, sometimes revolutions eat their own.

Gatestone Institute asks, "Fleeing tyranny or bringing it with them?"

As National Review reports, Hillary keeps trying to be relevant.

According to an opinion writer in The Week, if you want universal health care, first look across the Pond.

According to an opinion writer from The Heritage Foundation, the real enemy of farmers is not capitalism.

From AhlulBayt News Agency, Israel is well aware of Hezbollah's missiles.

From CNN, a truck bomb in Kabul kills 90 people.

From Reuters, China and the EU will support the Paris climate agreement.

From the Independent, President Trump reportedly won't keep the the Paris agreement.

Despite what we may have heard, according to The Daily Caller, the German ambassador to the U.S. says that President Trump and Chancellor Merkel get along quite well.

From ABC News, at the Orlando airport, police take into custody a man who was brandishing a fake gun.  (Pop quiz:  When are cops most likely able to determine whether a gun is real or fake?  Answer:  After they arrest the person with the gun.)

And from Fox Newsplease pass the covfefe.

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