Monday, May 29, 2017

I Am The Hippo

Via Chicks On The Right and Pirate's Cove, from The Daily Caller:
A PhD student explained his "transpecies" hippopotamus identity and why he prefers being "transpecies" to transgender in a peer-reviewed paper published in May.
Florentin FĂ©lix Morin, a French PhD student who studied at the University of Arizona in the spring 2017 semester, published a paper discovered Saturday entitled "EGO HIPPO: The subject as metaphor," in which he explained "how his metaphorical hippo-self is collectively produced and performed."
John Lennon sang I Am The Walrus, but this guy opted for another large water-loving mammal.  Thankfully, Mr. (perhaps soon-to-be-Dr.) Morin has the sense to admit that his "hippo-self" is "metaphorical".  Read the full story.

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