Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Wednesday Links

Here in the middle of the week are a few things going on:

From The Blaze, the deadliest form of skin cancer has increased 200% in four decades.

From the algemeiner, an Italian journalist defies Hamas by reporting that an errant Hamas rocket killed 9 children at a camp named Shati.  (When reporting the truth is an act of defiance, you known you're dealing with totalitarians.)

From The Right Scoop, Ralph Peters has some words for Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi.

From the Tea Party Tribune, Lloyd Marcus responds to Joe Biden's accusations toward the GOP.  (Via Before It's News)

In Family Security Matters, Deroy Murdock asks us to imagine "Gaza on the Pacific".

From The Daily Caller, in their game's 16th inning and out of desperation, the Chicago Cubs use a catcher to pitch.  The result?  He gets the win!

In Frontpage Mag, Robert Spencer skewers President Obama's ridiculously ahistorical tribute to American muslims.

In National Review, Michelle Malkin explains how stopping amnesty would be "a real anti-poverty program".

From UPI, a man in South Carolina describes what it's like to be struck by lightning, which he claims to have experienced ten times.

From Fox News, the county council of Pierce County, Washington has decided to display a controversial motto in their chamber:  In God We Trust.

From CNS News, Representative Frank Wolf (R-VA) criticizes the president and Congress for their "silence" about the plight of Iraqi Christians.  (Via Pat Dollard)

From Reuters, the U.S. economy bounced back in the second quarter.

From CNET, Canada accuses China of hacking into one of their government's networks.

And from Pamela Geller, the Israeli Ambassador answers the "Enemedia Question of the Day".  (Via I'm 41)

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