Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Links For Canada Day

July 1st is Canada Day, when our friends to the north celebrate the establishment of their country by the uniting of three colonies within the British Empire.  Here's some of what's currently going on:

From the New York Post, in the latest twist on the Amanda Knox murder case, her former boyfriend and co-defendant claims that they were not together during part of the night of the murder.

From Fox News, brain shrinkage and cognitive decline have been tied to decreased amount of sleep.

Also from Fox News, a soccer referee in Michigan dies after being punched in the head.

From The Washington Times, the Department of Homeland Security has announced plans to deploy 150 agents to southern Texas.

From CBS DFW, Texas officials believe that illegal aliens are renting children to cross the border.

From the Pew Research Center, violence and poverty in three Central American countries are driving children to flee.

From CBS Boston, a Vietnam veteran finally gets an appointment with a VA doctor - two years after he died.

From Ynet News, the IDF strikes 34 terrorist targets in Gaza.

From Reuters, minority investors in Alstrom are criticizing its planned deal with General Electric.

From The Christian Science Monitor, a math error causes the U.S. Treasury to lose $5 billion in revenue.

From WCPO, horses seized in an animal cruelty case in Kentucky will be put up for adoption.

From CNN Politics, Monica Lewinsky calls herself "a virgin to humiliation of that level".

And from Truth Revolt, figurines bow down to Valerie Jarrett.

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