Friday, July 18, 2014

Friday Links

As the weekend approaches, here are a few things going on:

From The Blaze, eight State Constitutions still ban a certain type of person from holding office.

From Illinois Review, the Illinois Supreme Court rejects a ban on term limits.

From National Journal, Senator Elizabeth Warren's (D-Mass) 11 commandments of progressivism.

From Breitbart TV, U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Samantha Power says that assistance from Russia cannot be ruled out in determining the cause of the downing of Flight MH17.

From the New York Post, a flight attendant who swapped himself onto Flight MH17 was the husband of a flight attendant who swapped out of Flight MH370.

From Fox News, President Obama says that at least one American was on board Flight MH17.

From Liberty News, was a missile that brought down Flight MH17 actually intended for Russia's Presidential Plane?

From, how Organizing for Action is cracking the President's image of being transparent.

From Rare, the woman who thought Obama was going to pay for her gas has changed her tune.

From ABC News, Swedish appliance maker Electrolux posts a second-quarter loss.

From Life News, police do nothing as an abortion support steals pro-life signs.

From Bluegrass Pundit, a video of Israel thwarting a tunnel attack by Hamas. (via Liberty Unyielding)

From The Right Scoop, a video of what ranchers on the border have to deal with.

And from Duh Progressive, the White House appoints the new Border Security Czar.

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