Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Feds Propose To Build Fence - For Mice

From The Daily Signal:
For more than a century, the Lucero family has grazed livestock in the majestic landscape near Fenton Lakein the Santa Fe National Forest. They started with sheep and, in the 1920s, switched to cattle.
But that may all come to an end because of an endangered mouse.
“You’re taking a lot of heritage away,” said Mike Lucero, as he looks over the creek that cuts through the meadow. He was accompanied by his brother Manuel and cousin Orlando, who have brought their family’s cattle to this spot since they were children.
If built, the fences will be eight feet tall, and according to at least some local ranchers, have an effect on where their cattle can graze.  Why the feds are willing to build a fence to protect mice from cattle but not to protect Americans from border jumpers has not been explained.

Read the full story at the above link.  It seems that the Luceros might soon be quoting a certain cartoon cat.

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