Monday, July 14, 2014

Music Break

It's definitely been a while since I've put up a music post, so let me give you these few selections:

This song by Genesis, put out about 30 years ago, has recently become appropriate once again.  If the feds try to dump a bunch of illegal aliens in your town, please be sure to play this number for them.
Let's face it.  Try as he might, Phil Collins (lead vocals & drums) will never pass for Hispanic.  The other two band members are Mike Rutherford (guitar & bass) and Tony Banks (keyboards).

The country group Cross Canadian Ragweed sounds a lot like rock and roll on Fightin' For.

On his solo album Full Moon Fever, Tom Petty enlisted the help of former Beatle George Harrison and Jeff Lynne of ELO for I Won't Back Down.  Ringo Starr appears in the video, but does not play on the song.

After leaving the Australian band Zoot, but before appearing on the soap opera General Hospital, Rick Springfield came out this the folksy number Speak To The Sky.

To finish, on Rock 'N Roll Is Straight From Hell, Unknown Hinson, who plays mostly humorous country songs, makes fun of rock by playing the hell out of it.

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