Friday, July 25, 2014

Newtown Battlefield State Park

After leaving Watkins Glen, I continued southward and stopped at Newtown Battlefield State Park, which is on a hill a few miles east of Elmira.  Formerly known as Newtown Battlefield Reservation, the park commemorates a battle in the Revolutionary War fought in 1779, between Continental soldiers against a combined force of British regulars, loyalists and Iroquois Indians.  The battle was part of a scorched earth campaign led by Generals John Sullivan and James Clinton against the Iroquois Confederation, mainly the Seneca, Cayuga and Onondaga.  These tribes had retained their alliance with the British which they had formed during the French and Indian War.

The park contains this monument, intended to be seen from a highway that runs below the hill.  The rock and two flagpoles in the foreground are a tribute to the British and Iroquois fighters.

This is a close-up of the plaque on the monument.  The white spot above the plaque looks out of place, and might have been caused by a drop of water on my camera lens.

I didn't find much of anything else to see in the park, other than a bunch of cabins.  I fed the Bigfootmobile some gas in Elmira, and continued southward toward Pennsylvania and eventually home to Maryland.

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