Sunday, July 13, 2014

Sunday Links

A few stories about the fight between Israel and Hamas, the current invasion of Central American illegal aliens, and other things going on:

From Prime Minister Of Canada, the Canadian Prime Minister's statement of support for Israel.

From The Washington Free Beacon, the Israeli Ambassador to the United States explains how Hamas targets civilians while Israel does not.

From Gatestone Institute, many Egyptians are rooting for Israel against Hamas.

From Fox News, Israel has sent ground troops into Gaza.

From The Jewish Press, 70,000 people in Gaza lose their electricity, thanks to Hamas.

From The Raw Story, Representative Michael McCall (R-TX) talks about some of the teenagers he had seen at the border.

From The Independent Sentinel, Central American dictators won't stop their people from illegal invading the United States.

From the Examiner, the "border shell game".

In Commentary, John Podhoretz takes on the "Iron Dome Is Bad" argument.

From the New York Post, a religious group rents a plane to fly a banner containing a swastika over Coney Island.

In Live Action News, Rebecca Downs asks if abortion really is a matter of "a woman deciding her own fate".

And from ABC News, Mormons discuss a translation of the Book of Abraham.

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