Friday, July 4, 2014

Happy Independence Day, America

July 4th, 1776 is the day America remembers for our Founders declaring their independence from Great Britain.  Every year, we celebrate the anniversary with fireworks and concerts full of patriotic music.  Here are the Voices of Liberty with their rendition of one such song - with obvious British roots - which includes a speech speculating what future archaeologists might learn about our country, from just one of its artifacts.

In today's news and commentary:

From Fox News, after lashing the coast of North Carolina, Hurricane Arthur moves northeastward and weakens.

From the Mail Online, the mother of a student in France stabs her son's teacher to death in front of a room full of students.

From Catholic Education Daily, the Supreme Court has upheld a temporary injunction against the HHS mandate for Wheaton College.

From The New York Times, conservative billionaire Richard Mellon Scaife has died of cancer at age 82.

From Canada Free Press, supporters of amnesty for illegal immigrant children will meet with Senate staff.

In Frontpage Mag, Callista Gingrich calls us today to remember American exceptionalism.

And in National Review, Charles Cooks calls the Revolution an "English war for American independence".

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