Wednesday, July 23, 2014

A Swing Into Pennsylvania

A few years back, while travelling north from Maryland into Pennsylvania, I ran across a rest area along the combined US Routes 11 and 15 called McKee's Half Falls, named for a set of rapids in the nearby Susquehanna River, along which the combined highway runs.  Although I've stopped there several times over the past few years, the river conditions have not always favorable for a photograph.  Sometimes the river is too high, thus hiding the two transverse lines of rocks that produce the rapids.  But this time, the river level appeared to be more favorable.  Here is the lower (southern) of the two rock formations, which has captured an uprooted tree.

The river going over the upper (northern) rock formation does not appear to drop down as much as with the lower formation.  It looks like I got a shot from pretty close to the formation's alignment direction.

There are large rocks in the rest area that generally line up with the two formations in the river.  These outcrops line up pretty well with the upper formation.

Continuing north on US 15, I reached a picnic area overlooking the city of Williamsport, known as the home of the Little League World Series.  Unfortunately, the air was too hazy to get a picture with any sharp contrast, but looking toward the city's eastern end, you can still see several mountain ridges and the city's airport.

Looking westward toward Williamsport, you can also see the West Branch of the Susquehanna River.

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