Saturday, July 26, 2014

Opponents Of Illegal Immigration Rally In Boston

Via Weasel Zippers and I'm 41:

I've heard of a recent rally against the current surge of illegal immigration being held in Murietta, California, which I understand is a conservative city, but earlier today, there was a similar protest in Boston, which is hardly a rightwing bastion.  The rally was initiated by radio personality Jeff Kuhner.  Soopermexican reports in The Right Scoop about both the rally and how it was reported in a video by the Boston Herald.
It’s funny how the Boston Herald video doesn’t include the portion of the speech where radio host Jeff Kuhner welcomed Hispanics and legal immigrants, and the audience applauded.  See, that won’t help push their narrative that these protests are racially motivated and against all immigrants.
Read the full story.

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