Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Tuesday Links

Here are a few things going on out there:

From Vatican News, the Canadian Ambassador for Religious Freedom visits the Vatican.

From Live Action News, pro-choice conundrums such as "battery on an unborn child".  (Does anyone remember that Scott Petersen was charged with TWO counts of murder, because his wife Laci was pregnant?)

From The Washington Free Beacon, the employees of one Obamacare contractor were paid to do nothing.

From Human Events, the full scale of the Obamacare launch disaster.

From the Washington Examiner, can you believe that 70% of these people don't trust the government?

From BBC News, the CIA no longer uses vaccines in its spying programs.  (via Breitbart's Big Peace)

From McClatchyDC, pot growers will not be allowed to use federally-controlled water for their crop.

From The Daily Caller, the Indian government promises enough solar generated electricity for one light bulb in every home.

From Want China Times, Presidents Vladimir Putin of Russia and Xi Jimping of China meet in Shanghai to sign a gas deal, among other deals.

From Fox News, an opinion on the UN climate change report.

From Reuters, the flight attendants working for Virgin American are seeking a unionization vote.

From the New York Post, trained dogs can recognize the smell of chemicals specific to prostate cancer in urine samples, thus once again showing how they are man's best friend.

From the New York Daily News, conservative author Dinesh D'Souza pleads guilty to making illegal campaign donations, thus avoiding a trial that would have begun today.

And from StixBlog, all Godzillas are beautiful.

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