Saturday, May 31, 2014

Reports: Meriam Ibrahim To Be Freed

Several British news outlets are reporting that Meriam Ibrahim, who has been sentenced to death under Sudanese law for "apostasy" against Islam and 100 lashes for "adultery", will be set free within a few days.  Ms. Ibrahim is married to an American citizen and recently gave birth to their second child while in prison.  Although raised as an Orthodox Christian by her mother, she was ruled by a Sudanese court to be a Muslim because her father was Muslim, and was thus considered an apostate from Islam because she has practiced Christianity.  Her marriage was considered invalid under Islamic law, which generally forbids Muslim women from marrying non-Muslim men.  Islamic scripture recounts a command by Mohammed, in the Hadith entitled Bukhari, Volume 4, Book 52, No. 260 to kill anyone (understood as applying to Muslims) who discards his religion, thus showing the roots of the death penalty for apostasy.

Read the story at The Guardian, BBC News and Metro News.

UPDATE:  via Breitbart's The Conversation and from CNN, don't hold your breath.

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