Saturday, May 10, 2014

Saturday Links

Now that I've been back in the USA, here are a few things going on, both here and elsewhere:

From the New York Post, Tiger Woods' ex takes some swipes at him during her college graduation speech.

From Yahoo News, Russia's deputy prime minister, after his flight is denied permission to pass through Romanian airspace, Tweets that he would return in a TU-160 bomber.

From France24 and the country I just visited, French President François Hollande says that his county would continue with its sale of two warships to Russia "for now".

From ABC News, a plane bound for Hawaii returns to LAX due to smoke in the cockpit.

From Bidness Etc, Microsoft and Google join the debate on net neutrality.

From CNET, two scientists theorize that the gene KL-VS boosts IQ and helps prolong life.

From Rare, Mel Brooks says, "We couldn't get away with making Blazing Saddles today."  Considering the movie's rather frequent use of the N-word, I'd have to agree with him.  (via Gulf Dogs)

From Fox News, in April, two American officials in Yemen reportedly fought off a kidnapping attempt.

From Gateway Pundit, FLOTUS gives her weekly radio address on the recently kidnapped Nigerian girls, without mentioning Boko Haram or Islam.

From America Rising, then-Senator Scott Brown (R-Mass) warned about Boko Haram two years ago.

From The Hill, Vice President Joe Biden, while in South Carolina, takes a swipe at.....the Clintons?

The New York Times calls Rhode Island "sized just right to contain its pride".

And from The Cagle Post, a Mother's Day cartoon.

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