Thursday, May 22, 2014

Back To Operation American Spring

After several days away, I went back to our nation's capitol to rejoin American Operation Spring.  Despite an early thunderstorm, the day turned out to be beautiful.  Here are the Washington Monument and the National Archives, with a crane between them.  A new museum is under construction near the west end of the DC Mall.

Trees became convenient spots to leave backpacks and flags, and one of our signs.  If you look closely to the left of the upper left corner of the sign, you'll see two Park Police officers mounted on horseback.

We saluted one congressman with whose actions we agree.

Some of our signs were mounted in frames made of PVC pipe.

These four signs were in a single frame.  We later covered the "democ" in "democrats", because we realized that rats may be found in both major parties.

This one was mounted onto a single stick.

Eventually we took the signs out of the PVC frames and took them on a march.  The man with the original version of the American flag decided that he couldn't carry both the flag and the sign, so I replaced him carrying the "Impeach the corrupt" sign.

Here we are approaching the Capitol.  We did not go up the long staircase, but stood on the steps to the right, in front of the fountain.  I'd say we got close enough for Senator Reid (D-NV) smell us.  I hope he got a good dose of odeur de Grand Pied.

After we marched back to our base camp near the Air and Space Museum, I set off for Union Station and  a train ride back to Maryland.  On the way, I walked into the Japanese American Memorial, which remembers the Japanese Americans interned during World War II, and took this shot.

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