Friday, May 2, 2014

Around The Vieux Bassin In Honfleur

Here are some more pictures from Honfleur, Normandy, France.  A row of buildings stands along one side of the Vieux Bassin, as a parade of children pass in front of them.  Several sailing ships are anchored in the Bassin itself.

As the parade proceeded around the Bassin, we got to see the first group of marchers.

In the lead, however, was this group of drummers.

At one side of the entrance to the Bassin is this carousel.

On the other side of the entrance is the Lieutenancy, where the governor of Honfleur once lived, and which was depicted in a painting by French impressionist Claude Monet.  The name "Lieutenancy" is derived from the governor's other title, Lieutenant to the King.

On the side of an archway is this monument to Samuel de Champlain, who sailed from Honfleur in 1608 to North America, where he founded the city of Québec.

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