Saturday, May 17, 2014

Operation American Spring, Day 2

Today, I went back down to Washington, D.C., to again participate in Operation American Spring.  I arrived pretty late, but to my pleasant surprise, as I left the Metro station, the participants were marching toward me.  I briefly conferred with one of the security people out front, who told me it was a silence march to remember the victims of Benghazi.  I then took this first picture of the front of the march.

The marchers continue on their way, with a steady beat provided by a drummer.

I let most of the marchers pass and fell in towards the rear.  We moved westward within the DC Mall, and eventually passed these people.  They did not march with us, but definitely appeared to be on our side.

We left the mall, with DC Police blocking intersections to aid our movement.  We marched up 15th Street and entered the pedestrian street north of the White House.

After we arrived, we turned our backs to the president and stood there for at least 15 minutes.  Those of us who carried American flags turned them upside-down, as in the universal distress signal.

We then faced left, made a U-turn and continued back to the Mall.  A group of "Anonymous" people, some with their Guy Fawkes masks, stood in a line while most of us resumed our march.

We retraced, except for some detours to the facilities, our route back to the Mall.  Here are some of us back on the Mall.  I think the domed building in the background is the National Archives.

After we arrived at what appears to be the OAS "base camp" just off the Mall, Colonel Riley and several others gave some brief speeches and announcements concerning tomorrow's event, a religious service in front of the Lincoln Memorial.  After that, it was "stand down" for the day.

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