Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Château de Breuil

After leaving Giverny, we went to our last appointed stop, the distillery of Château de Breuil, to have a taste of their products, specifically the apple brandy known as calvados, and pommeau, which is made by mixing calvados with unfermented apple juice.  Calvados is also the name of the départment in which the Château is located.  (There is also a variety of calvados made from pears, but the apple-based version is far more common.)  We tasted the calvados and pommeau in this shop.

Near the shop was this metal apple tree.

In another part of the grounds was the actual château.

Near the beginning of the driveway leading to the shop was this barrel, similar to those used to store and age the calvados and pommeau.

These are my last pictures from France.  Afterwards, it was time to get back to Honfleur, pack up, and get ready to go home.

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