Thursday, May 29, 2014

Movin Pictures From OAS

These are not moving (with a "g") pictures, but pictures from Movin, as in Movin Forward, one of my fellow listeners on BlogTalkRadio and fellow participants in Operation American Spring.  In this first photo, with the Capitol building in the background, a group of OAS patriots gets ready to march.

Movin himself crouches down in front of one of our signs.  As I explained in an earlier post, we later changed "democrats" to "rats".

These people showed their support for both the United States and Israel.

Colonel Harry Riley poses after riding with Rolling Thunder.

Here are Movin and Col. Riley, at the Washington Monument after praying.

Chaplain Wiley Drake, on the right, speaks into his iPhone.

For whatever reason, this man, who is a Vietnam veteran, found himself dealing with a Park Police officer.  Notice the man at the left pointing his iPhone (and presumably its camera) in their general direction.

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