Friday, May 2, 2014

Some Sights In Honfleur

Honfleur, France is a relatively small city, but due to its location at the mouth of the Seine, serves as a port to both river traffic and seagoing vessels.  Its downtown area, which generally surrounds the Vieux Bassin (Old Port), includes some historical buildings and numerous restaurants.  Walking toward downtown, we saw St. Leonard's Church and a war memorial.  The text, to the extent that my admittedly limited knowledge of French allows me to translate, reads "The French memory for the soldiers and sailors of the canton dead for the fatherland".

Next to the memorial is this garden.

In the downtown area, the Galerie Chaye was once an upper class residence, but is now an art gallery.  At one time, houses were taxed according to the size of their windows.

Although buildings in France are made mainly out of stone or brick, one style common in Normandy features wooden outer walls, sometimes faced with slate.  Here's a shot of the upper part of a wood-faced building:

A stone wall separates two adjacent properties.

Many of the local pedestrian walkways are made of cobblestones.

One building includes deux chats on its roof.

That's all for this post.  More pictures from Honfleur will be coming soon.

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