Saturday, May 24, 2014

The British Heritage Of America's Founding

(H/T Sue from NM, whom I follow on Twitter)

This is the most recent video from KrisAnne Hall, who recounts various British documents whose concepts later found their way into America's founding documents.  The story Ms. Hall presents starts even before William the Conqueror (whose homeland I recently visited) became king of England.  Among the topics presented, besides the specific documents, are a hunting accident in which an arrow shot by William's son Prince Henry somehow found its way into the body of his older brother King William II (and we Yanks thought Dick Cheney was bad), the taxation policies of King John, the real reason behind Robin Hood's legendary thievery, the excessive spending and dissolution of Parliament by King Charles I, and the decree of religious liberty by James II, with its catch, an accompanying ban on criticizing the king.

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