Friday, July 21, 2017

Various And Sundry

With the weekend upon us, here are some various and sundry things going on, other than the previously noted change of the White House press secretary:

Toronto tears down a $550 staircase so it can build one for at least $10,000.

Migrants in Sweden don't seem eager to learn anything.

Greek police bring down a sham marriage racket.

With the Juice now scheduled for parole, one family naturally is not pleased.

One friend of Mr. Bill hasn't gone away.

Britain awaits the tourists.

The remains of an honor killing victim are found in a freezer.  (Reader discretion is advised.)

Both sides are dishonest.

Interpol identifies 173 potential ISIS suicide bombers.  (intermediate source)

An Indian writer is told to convert or die.

In the Netherlands, an attempt to promote harmony between Jews and Muslims invokes a backlash.

A man offers an incredibly stupid excuse for stabbing his girlfriend's dog.  (intermediate source)

Poland ejects protesters from an ancient forest.

The U.S. Navy allows a woman to attempt to become a SEAL.

California has finished its environmental review of a proposed water tunnel.

And to finish, the Democrats unveil their new slogan.

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