Thursday, July 13, 2017

Some Stuff

Some stuff to get stuffed on:

Christian pastors lay their hands on President Trump, thus befuddling CNN anchor.

Bienvenue, Monsieur et Madame Trump.

The Russian lawyer who met with Trump Jr. has some leftwing connections.

House bans the regulation of hearing devices.

You can trust a quantum computer.

The Remainers are determined to be pains you know where.

The Sint Maarten airport beach produces a Darwin Award nominee.

Senator McConnell (R-KY) rolls out the health care bill.

The next Super Bowl will not include Britney Spears.

Soundcloud might not make it through the year.

HuffPost hits the road.

Is the founder of AMANA a Hamas member or not?

China establishes their first overseas military base in Djibouti.

UCLA apparently doesn't like free speech.

How bad is Oregon's new abortion law?  This bad.

British cops search a Muslim man for wearing too many clothes.

Larry Elders wrote a (so far unanswered) letter to Representative Waters (D-Cal).

And last but not least..........rats!

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