Thursday, July 6, 2017

Links For A Rainy Thursday

Yesterday, as I drove back from Virginia, and most of today have had the same weather, as in rain.  But other than the wet stuff falling from the sky, here are some other things going on out there:

From The Local IT, European ministers try to figure out how to help Italy with all those migrants.

From The Observers at France24, some Syrians get "disenchanted" with Europe and go back to Turkey.

From Breitbart London, the Polish government apparently tries to give President Trump a history lesson.

From Radio Poland, Trump calls Poland an "example for others who seek freedom".

From the NL Times, the Netherlands has deported 480 migrants for committing crimes.

From the Express, protesters at the G20 get wet.

From LifeNews, Oregon gives tax-subdized free abortions to everyone.

From FrontpageMag, the latest rise of faketriotism.

From National Review, enough with the idea that Republicans vote "against their interests".

From The Daily Caller, the number of NATO personnel assisting the Iraqi Operation Inherent Resolve is pretty darn low.

From The Times of Israel, the Prime Minister of India hails the blossoming ties between his country and Israel, as he concludes his visit.  (via Breaking Christian News, which was Tweeted by luchadora, my fellow BTR listener)

From The Washington Free Beacon, the Trump administration has been hit by a leak per day.  (Tweeted by GulfDogs, another BTR user)

From The Federalist, in the ratings, CNN was outdone by Yogi Bear.  (Don't feel too bad, CNN.  Yogi is smarter than the average bear.)

From AdWeek, KFC introduces the Colonel Sanders robot.

From Philly(dot)com, Mr. Bill (not the former president) goes back on trial in November.

From Real Clear Politics, Linda Sarsour wants "jihad" against Trump.  (via Fox News)

From Breitbart's National Security, over the same amount of time in their respective terms, President Trump has had 50% more meeting with foreign leaders than President Obama.

From The Local AT, the alleged murderer of an elderly couple in Linz, Austria is believed to have had an "Islamist motive".

From Palestinian Media Watch, the Palestinian Authority calls the Ma'alot massacre an "act of heroism".

From The New Indian Express, a man converts his entire family from Islam to Hinduism.

From AP, Representative Steve Scalise (R-LA) undergoes another surgery.

From the Los Angeles Times, a figurative hockey game breaks out at a McDonald's.

From The Daily Signal, meet the Pole who fought for our freedom.  (You might have run across a similarly named brand of mustard.)

And from Niezale┼╝na (the name meaning "independent"), the full text of President Trump's speech in Warsaw.

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