Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Some Stuff For Tuesday

Some things going on out there:

Earlier today, an Iranian ship got too close to an American vessel.

The S&P 500 hits a record high.

Former Speaker Bo(eh)ner makes an all-too-believable prediction.

A Chinese corporation will stick more to its own country.

A Chinese energy company plans to build 100 panda-shaped solar farms.

A phase change in a semiconductor could lead to a new type of chemical vapor detector.

A conservative speaker is attacked with water.

Zimbabweans live in fear.  (H/T Lisa Graas for the Tweet).

An imam in California calls for the annihilation of Jews.

A year ago, a French priest was killed by jihadists.

Jews visiting Aaron's grave in Jordan are detained for praying.

The president of the Philippines wants three church bells returned.

The story of Charlie Gard shows what's wrong with a government monopoly on health care.

The hospital is allegedly making it more difficult for Charlie's parents to take him home.  (intermediate source)

A writer points out how school choice is not a type of welfare.

Much of the money you spend to go on vacation goes to the government.

A wildlife writer says that capitalists should connect with nature.

Princeton hires a "men's engagement manager".

New Jersey Governor Christie's opponent picks his running mate.

And to finish, is President Trump really a conservative?

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