Friday, July 28, 2017

Links For A Rainy Friday

As the wet stuff falls from the sky, here are some other things going on:

Charlie Gard, RIP.

Britain surrendering to the U.N. led to Charlie Gard's fate.

An "Allahu akbar" breaks out in Hamburg, Germany.

McCain helps sink Obamacare repeal.

Prince William to the rescue.

A U.S. Representative from Maryland will run for president.

Why hasn't President Trump said much about Debbie Wasserman Schultz's IT vendors?

The ancient Canaanites are still here.  (intermediate source)

A prison escapee kills a teenager, and is later killed by cops.

Police shoot a man 19 times, and he lives.

Representative Steve King (R-Iowa) wants to allow the Capitol Police to enforce immigration law.

Why sanctuary cities are not compassionate.

The latest Nork missile could hit America's east coast.

A Malaysian politician says that withholding sex is abuse.

Al Qaeda establishes an affiliate in Kashmir.

Assyrians in Alqosh, Iraq don't want a Kurdish mayor.

Orders for American durable goods hit a 35-month peak.

A court rules against the EPA.

Yellowstone disciplines workers for sexual harassment.

And last but not least, Virginia Tech adds BYU to its football schedule.

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