Monday, July 3, 2017

Some Various And Sundry Items Before Independence Day

On the day before Independence Day, here are some things going on:

The Greek Coast guard fires on a Turkish cargo ship.

Iraq's gains in Mosul have been boosted by air strikes.

The beach was closed down, but a whale was still spotted.

Why Americans feel less free.

The best thing Chief Justice Roberts wrote during the most recent SCOTUS term.

Why we like McMansions.

The left are eating their own.

In Pakistan, attackers fire two bullets into the home of a civil rights advocate.

In Indonesia, a cleric says that Starbuck's support for gay marriage will bring about the extinction of mankind.  (Do even the Westboro Baptists say anything that stupid?)

In France, police say a recent shooting near a mosque was not terrorism, but gang-related.

In Iraq, a transvestite suicide bomber kills 14 people.  (intermediate source)

A noted Sharia advocate will move from Australia to the United Kingdom.

The media appears to be benefiting from its feud with President Trump.  (intermediate source)

The president offers support for a very young British child.

Thomas Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence, but John Adams was its "floor manager".

The president of India will soon visit Israel.

Only one animal in the world has a double kneecap.

And last but not least, some good economic news.

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