Sunday, July 9, 2017

Sunday Links

As the week begins, I must resume relaying things going on out there.

The New York Post slams "Burgermeister de Blasio".

From Breitbart London, Albanians migrate to Bulgaria in hopes of migrating further.

From FaithZette, the Pope criticizes the G-20 while facing another sex scandal.

From the Evening Standard, British teenagers endure a chemical attack.

From the Sunday Express, German industry is willing to lose UK trade to protect the E.U.

From The Daily Caller, Secretary of the Treasury Steven Mnuchin defends his boss's cooperation with Russia, while Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) opposes it.

From BBC News, the Church of England will vote on whether to hold special services for transgender people.

From The Times Of Israel, Radiohead will play in Tel Aviv, whether protesters like it or not.

From Townhall, a ceasefire starts in southwest Syria.

From The Corner at National Review, the U.K. government might be "messing up Brexit".  (The article contains a large quote from an article in The Financial Times, but you'll have to subscribe to read it.)

From AhlulBayt News Agency, the Imam Ali Holy Shrine helps pilgrims to beat the heat.

From The Guardian, Iraq claims victory in Mosul.  (via HotAir)

From One India, Kashmir faces a four-pronged fight.

From the Philippine Daily Inquirer, a Muslim preacher tells Christians to stop passing out Bibles.

Gatestone Institute reminds us that leaving Islam can be hazardous to your health.

From the Daily Mail, her Majesty picks a Ghanaian-born man to be her equerry.

From Philly(dot)com, the G-20 rioters keep rioting.

And from Variety, the movie Spider-Man: Homecoming is doing very well.

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