Sunday, July 23, 2017

Sunday Links

As the new week starts, here some things that have already been going on:

From Russia Today, let's just say that this ain't no crop circle.

From Breitbart London, Turkish President Erdogan sounds off after Turkey arrests German nationals.

From Reuters, a rival of German Chancellor Merkel says that their country must "act now" to prevent another refugee crisis.

From Euronews, the migrant crisis in Italy is worsened by E.U. indecision.

From Sputnik International, the U.K. has lost track of over 100 refugee children.

From the Sunday Express, someone on a flight from Poland to England just couldn't wait for the plane to land.

From Polonia GP, Poland's new law does not threaten their democracy.

From CTV News, Canada revises their citizenship guide.

From Politico, don't laugh at Kid Rock's Senate bid.

From BizPac Review, President Trump's bid to build his wall might be helped by an anti-terror law.

From the Mirror, civilians liberated in Raqqa, Syria get rid of their burqas and beards.

From Jihad Watch, a security guard at the Israeli embassy in Jordan is stabbed to death.

From Fox News, Israel installs security cameras at an entrance to the Temple Mount area.

From The Guardian, a bear chases 200 sheep over a cliff.

From the New York Post, next month's solar eclipse could cause a massive traffic jam.

From Golfweek, Jordan Spieth wins the British Open.

From National Review, "Made in America" might not mean much with today's "globalized supply chains".

From The Daily Caller, Jake Tapper faults new White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci for changing his tune on Trump.

From Canada Free Press, some advice for the GOP, based on a quote from General McArthur.

And from Variety, the highest grossing film of summer is Wonder Woman.

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