Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Links For 7/11

This is for the date, not the convenience store.  Should I provide seven or eleven....or both?   Let's see what I can come up with:

From CNS News, a noted musician writes about Auschwitz.  (I have visited the camp myself.)

From The Daily Caller, move over Elizabeth Warren, here's the next fake Indian.

From ABC News, who's the Russian lawyer that Trump Jr. has been talking to?

From Townhall, read Trump Jr.'s emails for yourself.  (What about Hillary's emails?  Oh, never mind!)

From HealthZette, here's more of what policemen have to deal with.

From Variety, here's more of what policemen have to deal with.

From Philly(dot)com, does anyone want to buy an airfield?

From the Express, relations between Norway and the E.U. are getting crabby.

From The Federalist, conservative columnist George Will sounds off on Twitter, collusion, healthcare and baseball.

From the Washington Examiner, Energy Secretary Rick Perry goes to Mexico.

From FrontpageMag, a look at Linda Sarsour.

From The Washington Times, an American soldier is arrested after pledging loyalty to ISIS.

From Breitbart Jerusalem, over 120,000 children attend summer camps run by Hamas and similar groups.

From Reuters, ten years of Hamas rule has not been kind to Gaza.

From the Daily Mail, a British inspector challenges a court ruling that permits gender segregation.

From SFGate, BART officials are reluctant to release information on crime.  (via Fox News)

From ZeroHedge, in Venezuela, it's the real Mad Max.

And from the New York Post, a writer claims that Trump's rival's daughter ripped off his idea.

I believe that I've found seven and eleven, which totals eighteen stories in all.

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