Thursday, October 6, 2016

Thursday Links

Besides Hurricane Matthew starting to bear down on Florida, here are some other things going on out there:

The Carolinas prepare for Matthew's arrival.

Florida's governor says, "This will kill you."

Matthew has already killed 136 people in Haiti.

Country intervening in Syria warns the United States not to intervene.

Here's a Nazi whose intentions I can support (and whose name is probably pronounced differently from the German variety).

A boy who was burned alive is still able to identify the perpetrators.

Five men accused of a gang rape in Sweden are released due to a "technicality".

Here might be a way to qualify for a Darwin Award, which requires one to remove oneself from the human gene pool, without dying.

Seventy IRS scammers get arrested - in India.

Why 1/3 of calls to the VA suicide hotline go unanswered.

A man in Britain kills his wife for looking at other men.

One Malaysian state launches an app for the public to report Sharia violations.

A former Ambassador and Air Force pilot tells NFL players what the real cause of racial problems is.

Two "tech billionaires" think that we're really in the Matrix.

Germany plans to run its own E.U. army.

Oculus Rift is now cheaper and easier to use.

China wants to develop a self-driving car.

And to finish, would anyone like some hot sauce?

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