Sunday, October 2, 2016

Sunday Links

Or maybe Links To Start October, a day late:

The Dutch are having second thoughts about their Zwarte Piet tradition.

The Hungarian people tell the E.U. where to stick their migrant quotas.

According to their counter-terror officials, they might just have a good reason not to welcome migrants.

The German finance minister wants to see a "liberal German Islam".

If you wish you could put former president Bush on trial, here you go.

Another Bush supports Clinton.

One House Democrat says there's "no doubt" that Russia is behind the recent attempts to hack state election systems.

Donald Trump just can't deliver his message.

The New York Times got a hold of Trump's 1995 tax returns, but is no stranger to not paying taxes.

Trump's hotel gets tagged.

Chicago White Sox manager Robin will speak about his future before today's season finale.

Anyone who thinks that GITMO is illegitimate might soon get some help from Mother Nature.

Some Deutsche Bank customers have experienced some technical difficulties.

Israel has closed its borders with the West Bank and Gaza for Rosh Hashana.

A Malaysian politician says "Only Islam can rule."

In Aleppo, Syria, a swimmer and her brother are killed by heavy shelling.

Meanwhile, the Syrian government puts out its propaganda.

In the U.K., a doctor is suspended for asking a co-worker to remove her hijab.

Yes, Virginia, there is even more voter fraud than I had recently reported.

And to finish, someone whose message I agree with, but whose method of delivering it is something that I don't think I'll ever attempt.

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