Friday, October 28, 2016

A Few Other Things

Besides the previously mentioned acquittal of the Malheur occupiers, here are some other things going out there:

Those pipeline protesters in North Dakota have gone beyond protesting.

It looks like the FBI is once again investigating Hillary Clinton's emails.

In reaction to this new investigation, stocks go down.

Maybe this news will help the stock market.

Interim DNC chairperson Donna Brazile may have passed a debate question to the Clinton campaign.

A German city has voted to subsidize two mosques.

Syrian migrants find mosques in Germany more hardline than those in Syria.

Some of the migrants expelled from the Calais "Jungle" have turned up in Paris.

For Cubs fans, here are some World Series party ideas.

An ally of Hezbollah is expected to become Lebanon's new president.

Playing against Virginia Tech last night, Pittsburgh scored a touchdown on a run by an offensive tackle.  The play answered an old question.  "Is handing the ball to an offensive lineman legal?"

But my Hokies still prevailed, or perhaps I should say survived, 39-36, for their first win ever at Heinz Field and their first in Pittsburgh since 1999.  (The two schools did not play each other in football from 2004 to 2011.)

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