Saturday, October 8, 2016

Protesters Hold Signs Accusing Bill Clinton Of Being Rapist

In Ohio, while former President Bill Clinton was speaking at a campaign rally for his wife, someone in the audience held up a sign accusing him of being a rapist, and then slowly walked out.  I'd say that the protester deserves this blog's "Badass" label.  See the video at The Washington Free Beacon or Real Clear Politics.  A sign with the same message turned up in the background at NBC's Today Show, which is broadcast from New York City.  Watch closely, and you'll see someone reverse the sign he is holding to reveal what he thinks of Mr. Bill.  A second later, the show cuts to a musical segment featuring Rick Astley and his band.  Yes, the poor guy was Rick-rolled.

You can also watch the video at YouTube.  Whether the Ohio and New York sign-bearers are part of, as Hillary Clinton once put it, "a vast right-wing conspiracy", or one has copycatted the other, or the two events are a coincidence, I have no opinion.  On the other hand, if victims of sexual assault have a right to be heard and believed, as Hillary herself once said (from another RCP citation), that right should extend to Bill's alleged victims, and should have nothing to do with the political views of either the accuser or the accused.

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