Friday, October 14, 2016

Friday Links

A smattering of what's going on out there, as the weekend approaches:

From Reuters, President Obama and his advisers are expected to meet today to consider options in Syria.

From The Daily Signal, what one woman does to oppose Planned Parenthood.

From Fox News, Nancy Grace ends her show.

From Sputnik, BBC apparently can't distinguish between the First Minister of Scotland and a gorilla.

From the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Virginia Tech's flanker/point guard.

From The Hill, according to WikiLeaks, Senator Hillary Clinton's 2008 campaign considered bringing attention to Senator Barack Obama's cocaine use as a teenager and his father's Muslim heritage.

From CNS News, according to WikiLeaks, John Podesta asked Hillary Clinton's lawyer about possibly withholding emails between her and President Obama.

From RRStar, Matthew T. Mangino reminds us that the upcoming election will have an impact on the Supreme Court.

From HeatStreet, PETA just learned that using Trumpian language is not a good idea.

From Market Watch, some tech giants are getting government subsidies.

From WGN, the limits on Cuban rum and cigars brought into the United States have been lifted.

From the Express, a Muslim bus driver endangers children by stopping to pray on a busy road.

From Emirates 24/7, in Germany, a couple who are described as "refugees" allegedly attempt to sell their baby on eBay.

From Arutz Sheva, in Uruguay, a Muslim who killed a Jew is ruled to have been insane.

From FrontpageMag, Hillary Clinton appears to have some support from gropers.

From National Review, why surprises occur in October.

From Bicycling, the late Robin Williams's bike collection will be auctioned for charity.

From The Telegraph, a former policeman has allegedly unwittingly employed illegal aliens.

And from Break, a guide to some "alternative" write-in candidates.

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