Thursday, March 31, 2016

Links For The End Of March

With the first quarter of 2016 about to conclude, here are some things going on out there:

From the International Business Times, spurred by tensions with Muslims, about 10,000 millionaires have left France.

From The Daily Caller, the EPA won't answer questions about the Gold King Mine spill.

From CBS News, the campaign of Ted Cruz (R-TX) is trying to keep John Kasich (R-OH) off the primary ballot in Montana.

From Yahoo News, Kasich criticizes Donald Trump (R-NY).

From The Horn News, President Obama has commuted the sentences of 61 drug dealers.

Fox News Insider asks if anti-Trump protesters actually know what they're protesting.

The Hill asks why a Turkish cleric should operate charter schools on U.S. bases.

From The Washington Times, about a dozen detainees in GITMO will be transferred to other countries.

From the New York Post, a former wife of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi had no idea that she had been married to the leader of ISIS.

From BBC News, Scottish police investigate alleged links between two Muslim leaders in Glasgow and a banned group in Pakistan.

From the Mirror, the difficult life experience of a gay British Muslim.

From Ekurd Daily, in order to get married in ISIS-controlled Mosul, a man must grow a full beard.

From the Express, the French government blasts makers of the "burkini".

From National Review, why terrorists like to target westerners.

From The Times Of Israel, Iran is "certain" that it won't be punished for its missile tests.

From, in Alabama, husband and wife are both arrested for allegedly having sex with high school students.

From MSN, a TV station terminates an anchorwoman (Yikes, is that term sexist?) for her Facebook post about a mass shooting.  (MSN cites the Associated Press as their source.)

From Reuters, self-driving cars are having a hard time dealing with America's roads.

And from Townhall, "Five Sure Signs That America Has Gone Mad".

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