Thursday, March 10, 2016

Deer Lives Matter!

This story was picked up by The Blaze and OutdoorHub, but comes originally from MLive.  As reported by MLive:
Four dozen peace activists gathered Saturday afternoon in downtown Ann Arbor for a memorial rally honoring the lives of 63 deer recently killed by hired sharpshooters in the city's parks and nature areas.
The mood was somber, and hearts heavy.
"We are doing a public call to peace," said Ann Arbor resident Shunahsii Rose, memorial rally organizer and founder of In Sacred Balance.
"In a universal capacity, we're asking Ann Arbor to return to a path of peace, and this particular day we are offering a memorial to the deer that have been shot as a result of the Ann Arbor deer cull," she said. "People who are here are from many different spiritual traditions and different communities, and I felt like it was important to have an interfaith acknowledgement of the longing for peace in our city."
Let me see if I understand this.  We must "return" to peace because shooting deer is an act of war or something, even when done to prevent deer overpopulation.  Read the story at any or all of the above links.  As far as the "peace activists" are concerned, I say "Qu'ils mangent de la venaison!"

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